At The Midnight Shift Hotel

Thursday 17th April 2014

The Sisters of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence - Sydney House joined a merry bunch of revellers at the Midnight Shift for an Easter themed game or ten of Bingay. Hosted by the voluptuous and engaging Charisma Belle(Chick with a dick) and the all-singing, all high-kicking Naomi Palmer (Self-proclaimed ‘fat chick’).

There was not one but two ‘naughty hats’ for those who did not pay attention and managed to stuff up a call of Bingay with Bingo or just got their numbers wrong.

Easter Bunnies Baz and Knut worked with many other volunteers to provide eye candy along with chocolate, cornflake crackles, pizza and an occasional drink or two. Along the way many film passes, exclusive hair dos, Jedi light sabre and other fantastic prizes were bestowed.

Many ribald jokes and jibes were announced whilst over $2700 was raised for charity. A fabulously hilarious night was had by all.


Sisters Present: Mother Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation II, Sister Eileen Dover and Sister Rowena The Rotten Roadside Root
Photos courtesy of St W.D. (4.0) & CB
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