A Little More Background

First A Little History...

The first house began in San Francisco in 1979, followed by our own here in Sydney in 1981, and then other houses all around the world including; America, Australia, Colombia, England, France, Germany, New Zealand, Scotland, and Uruguay, with the collective number of sisters old and new over the years totalling into the many hundreds.

In 1980 while on a trip to San Francisco a young Sydneysider who later became known by several Sisterly names, Sister Mae Call of the Wild, Sister Mae Call of the Wild West and Sister Medusa met the Sisters of the San Francisco House and manifested with them.

Upon his return to Sydney he met up with Fabian, later to became known by several Sisterly names such as Mother Inferior, Mother Abyss, Monsignor Porkamadonna, Sister Venus de Lilo and Sister Volupta and together they worked to establish the Sydney House, known then as The Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence.

The Sisters held their first public manifestation at Long Nose Point Birchgrove [now known as Yurulbin Park] but affectionately called Long Nun Point by the OPI since that day, on Saturday 14th November 1981.

Whilst each house around the world has geospecific methods of working in their own community, our common aim is to make the world a better place in which to live - one possessed of equality, respect, patience and tolerance. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, and so The Sisters' actions are quite overt and confronting.

Why do we exist?

We exist because there is bigotry and hatred in the hearts and minds of people who are taught to fear difference rather than rejoice in similarity.
The brave youth that screams "faggot" from a passing car, the corporate manager that refuses promotion merely because the sexuality of a staff member will damage their own standing, the individual in a group of mates that finds sport in 'poofter bashing' on a Saturday night, the law that discriminates on the basis of sexual preference.

These are the types of reasons we exist. These are the progenitors that gave us birth. They are not only those things that keep us here.
It is hate, fear and ignorance that keeps us here. When they cease, our job will be done!

Some people think that we hate Christians ... not so, we merely oppose the any set of values that denies natural justice and inspires prejudice - an idea that is supported by true and honest Christianity already, as well as all major religions and philosophies.

We will gladly and joyfully dissolve when religious - and therefore societal - persecution is a mere and unfortunate memory. We look forward to the day when we can hang up our habits for the last time, because each and every individual is enlightened with the message of Universal Truth, Love and Joy that the Great Teachers such as Christ, Buddha and Mohammed so desperately tried to teach us.

Such a wonderful day it will be, that when instead of selectively using their wise words for our own selfish purposes, we will finally and willingly accept their sublime and infinite wisdom!

It will happen, and to that end, we will continue to put ourselves at risk for The Greater Good.

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