2002 Archive

Mardi Gras Festival Launch
Sydney Operan House Steps
8th February 2002

The Third World Conclave
24th February - 3rd March 2002

Zoo Walk - Taronga Zoo
28th February 2002

Conclave Drinks
Platform 8 - Town Hall Hotel, Newtown
Friday 1st March 2002

Mardi Gras Parade
Saturday 2nd March 2002

Blessing - Katoomba P.L.W.H.A.
Saturday 30th March 2002

"Bruncheon" Circulate Café
King Street Newtown
Sunday 12th May 2002

"Chess" - City Live - Fox Studios
Wednesday 29th May 2002

Communal Convent Club Dinner
Taxi Club - Surry Hills
Saturday 22nd June 2002

Convent Club Dinner
Town Hall Hotel Newtown
Tuesday 9th July 2002

Gay Games Function at The Midnight Shift
Surry Hills
Saturday 27th July 2002

"Bruncheon" Circulate Cafe Followed by SPAIDS
Newtown & Sydney Park St Peters
Sunday 28th July 2002

Gay Games Trivia Night
Paddington R.S.L.
Friday 2nd August 2002

Profession To Black Veil
Sr Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation II
Tuesday 22nd October 2002

Opening - Sydney Gay Games
"Under New Skies"
Saturday 2nd November 2002

Luncheon Green Iguana Cafe - Newtown
13th Jan 2002
Drinks at Palms Night Club
30 Jan 2002
Conclave Farewell Luncheon - Betty's Soup Kitchen
3rd March 2002
'Habits and Heels' Dinner - Taxi Club
6th April 2002
Brunch - Californian Cafe - Oxford St
Sunday 21st April 2002
Bruncheon - Circulate Cafe King St Newtown
Sunday 30th June 2002
Pride March
27th June 2002

Cafe Commity followed by Drinks At Palms
19th July 2002
Bruncheon - California Café
18th August 2002
Convent Club Dinner - Taxi Club
Saturday 24th August 2002
21st Birthday Party - Shift Nightclub
30th August 2002
Pride Week Leaflet Distribution - UNSW
2nd September 2002
Blessing - Hookers and Strippers Ball
3rd September 2002

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