Blessing of Milperra Campus Pride Week

University of Western Sydney

Tuesday 14th October 2003

The Sisters were delighted to receive a invitation to attend and bless the opening of Pride Week (14, 15, & 17th Oct) at the Milperra Campus of the University of Western Sydney. The numbers on campus are not huge (around 5,000 in all) and the sisters noted as the usual mob of devotees was absent, the tone of the manifestation was certainly more intimate that usual. As the pre-prepared blessing was instantly rendered inappropriate, we afforded ourselves the opportunity of quietly walking around the quadrangle speaking to the Gathered Faithful and blessing anything that was standing still.

Our support goes to Bryn and Mary for having the courage and dedication to stage such an "out" event in the face of obvious adversity for gays and lesbians. Their preparedness to put themselves out on such a public limb in what is obviously such an hostile environment is certainly a lesson for us all in just what Pride really means.

As we needed to return to the city just after lunchtime, we were not able to meet any of the other members of the Spectrum Collective, however our best wishes go to them as well.

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Sisters Present
: Sister Carmen Get It, Sister Golde American Express Card, Mother Premonstratensia, Sister Mary Mary Quite Contrary/Sister Nun Bouy
Photos courtesy of Sister Carmen Get It
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