30th Anniversary Picnic - Yurulbin Point

(formerly known as Long Nose Point)

Sunday 13th November 2011

On Sunday 13th November a small flap of nuns from the Order Of Perpetual Indulgence (Sydney House) gathered at Yurulbin Point (formerly known as Long Nose Point) to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the formation of the Sydney House. The venue was the site of the first formal gathering and formation of the house in 1981.
The sisters were joined by a visting brother and a number of gathered faithful and much merriment and imbibing ensued.

Sister Rowena, Keeper Of The Holy Doyley, lead the gathering in a moving ceremony of rememberance of those members of the house now passed on.

Sydney Sisters Present: Mother Premonstratensia, Mother Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation II,
Sister Rowena Keeper of the Holy Doyley, Sister Arse Licked and Old Lace
Photos courtesy of the webdog
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